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chef evan and amelia in chupa cabra


CHUPACABRA brings the true taste of coastal Mexico through vibrant, light and wholesome dishes, harnessing the exceptional produce available (with support of a similar climate) to offer this untold side of Mexico to residents of the Northern Rivers.

In July 2018, Chef Evan White and his partner...

In July 2018, Chef Evan White and his partner Amelia Stokes opened an authentic coastal Mexican taqueria called CHUPACABRA (from Latin American folklore of an animal known as the “goat-sucker”) in Byron Bay.

Evan has been mastering the art of authentic Mexican food for many years and his cooking is more “coastal” or “Caribbean” style Mexican that channels the beaches of Mexico. Evan and Amelia chose Byron Bay to open their Mexican restaurant due to all the similarities which connect the cultures, ocean and land. The east coast current of Australia has the same ecosystems as the Mexican Gulf Stream and they share the same ocean fauna such as tuna, sail fish, prawns, great whites and many more. This means that a lot of the coastal produce, especially from the ocean, is strikingly similar. 

Byron Bay is unique in the Australian market in its accessibility to fresh seafood direct from the source by the producer (as you would find in Mexico) and Evan would like to draw a connection to this. In Byron Bay, Evan also has access to locally grown traditional Mexican produce, including those found at Picone Exotics e.g. cream guava, nopales cactus, beautiful jewel corn, and many subtropical fruits and herbs underutilised in Australia.


Tacos al pastor with grilled pineapple, daily changing ceviche Mexicana, esquites (off-the-cob corn grilled and slathered with condiments), sharing plates from the asado (pollo, pulpo, pescado), and Cochinita pibil (slow cooked pork, sour orange, coriander, lime, pickled onion).  
coastal mexican food platter
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The cocktail program includes a signature ‘CHUPACABRA’ margarita on tap with tropical twists available seasonally, a spin on the classic michelada, and classics with a Mexican flavour, such as, Horchata Coladas and Mezcal Negroni. A large range of tequila and mezcal is also available, including mezcal from Oaxaca city that has never been seen in Australia before. 

The concise wine list features small production wine-makers (local and international), including ‘Cactus’ by Jared Dixon.  CHUPACABRA has its own range of fresh pressed juices, home-made sodas and a special Mexican blend of Moonshine coffee.


The 60-seat restaurant (including 20-seats outside) has a relaxed, beach atmosphere with subtle touches of true Mexico, perhaps noticeable only to those who have been. Customers are transported to a beach front along the coast of Mexico, with edges starting to rust in the sea air. 

Flourishes of primary colours splash the bright white walls and wooden tables, while an abundance of plants and green foliage (including palms and cane) are a reminder that the beach is just a minute walk. Open windows let sunlight in for morning coffee and evening margaritas are enjoyed amongst the warm, low light of antique festoons.

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chef evan on from of chupacabra

About Chef Evan White

Chef Evan White is the kind of guy who wants you to eat with your hands. He prefers live fire to shiny grill tops. He spent his youth in the cultural melting pot of inner-Western Sydney but wanted a deeper knowledge of the variety of foods he was tasting. He used his skills as a chef to travel extensively through Europe, Asia and Latin America learning from masters of their trade - pasta in Sicily, pastry in Greece, tortillas in Mexico

Despite working in some of ...

Despite working in some of London, Florence and Sydney’s best restaurants (including Nobu Park Lane, Harvey’s, White House, Lumiere), Evan considers the time he spent with grassroots cooks and kitchens to be what made him the chef he is today. 

His cuisine is rustic and wholesome, and his passion is for food made slowly, with love and integrity. 
Visiting and living in Mexico truly cemented Evan’s food direction where he took time to learn about the culture and history behind the cuisine. 

The importance of locality and community to Mexican cooks resounded with him at a young age and his ethos reflects this today. 

Through his work in Brisbane in the last 10 years (Mexican taqueria Coyotito formerly Chingon, Red Hook, The Burrow) and especially in this new venture, Evan believes in the importance of working closely with local producers and growers. 

Mexico is the birthplace to some of the oldest forms of agriculture and farming, which has always fascinated Evan. He loves the crossing of cultures and the deep, timeless cooking style of Mexican cuisine. 


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